Why We Failed in Share Market TradingWhy We Failed in Share Market Trading
Why We Failed in Share Market Trading
Why We Failed in Share Market Trading

In this article we will discuss why we failed in share market trading. We have already discussed in an article share market trading can be profitable business if anyone take it seriously. Actually, problem is that we have no time for learning of share market. We give time for every business and study in our life but not market..

We start serious learning from schooling education and after we complete graduation, post-graduation, we complete degrees, we give time for every education like two years, three years and four years degrees. But we are not serious for trading, we think this is a place where we can double the money in quick way. Like in movies where money is double in 21 days. We are not have time for learning of share market.

Think about a person who open a shop of medical or anything. He has ten lakh capital in starting from which he starts business. Ten lakh capital items are there in shop. After that what happen one day he earn good money when more customers come in the shop, and some time no customer come to the shop and no money earn that day but shopkeeper have patience. A shopkeeper daily routine is he goes from house to shop, open the shop in morning and close the shop in evening and come to the home. Is money work for shopkeeper or shopkeeper works for money. Here shopkeeper works for money. And as you know today every business have more competition.

Here also shopkeeper have stoploss because he knows if i buy an item of 10 dollar and selling price will not be less than 10 dollars but after some time as expiry come near of item, he can sell at 9 dollars but not below that particular price. So every business is trading of buy at low and sell in high price and every business has a stoploss below that we will not sell and not buy. When you can do bargaining in physical business, than what is problem with you in digital business why you cannot do bargaining in share market trading.

If you can wait for best buying price in physical business, what is problem with you in digital business. If you can put ten lakh capital in a shop than you have more and more patience, where your patience goes in digital business. There is not any business that double your capital in one month or six month or one year. At least three years are required for any business for saving of your startup capital, after that your business growth with 10% or 20% return from your startup capital. If hard working people (in physical) are wealthiest than a farmer was more wealthiest in all countries.

If share market is a gambling than, why so many people are self-millionaires by share market. People are not ready to give their time to market they only open the demat account and start trading , they don’t know when to buy when to sell what will be the stoploss. By chance any business and work can give you results one or two times not more than this. You will not be satisfied after by chance result. By chance you cannot run any business either in physical or in digital form

You think share market is gambling or this is not a digital business. Is your thinking right about share market or big companies thinking are wrong who listed their shares on exchanges. These millions and billions market cap companies are not wrong. The IT and pharma companies are not wrong we are wrong due to our poor psychology. If you want to become a great trader improve your psychology and do work on yourself. We depend on tricks and brokers tips, friends not take seriously like other work in our life. Give time for learning of share market like other business because this is a great business and you can do anything, because you are a part of God’s Energy.

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